7 Clever and creative ideas for the most graceful corner

7 Clever and creative

7 Clever and creative By Sejal Parikh

As kids, we hated corners because movies suggested all the ghosts reside in corners but looking back, it will become evident how we undervalued the corner space of our home. But, thanks to the trends and home stylist ideas, home corners soothed our pain and made us calm and happy again.

In today’s times, where people live in space-crunched apartments, and where every inch of space matters, corner space becomes the showstopper and deserves as much appreciation as other areas of our home. If you feel you cannot create a decorative space out of a corner because of the edged part, you should know that all the attractive interior designs become extraordinary when placed in a corner. You only need a few tips to play smartly with your empty corner.

Every element of space works wonders in interior decoration, and corners are the visually breaking element of space to bring the best out of your room. All you need is elegant furniture, statement home decor and an excellent eye to capture the essence of a corner. 7 Clever and creative

A delightful corner is just a step away, with this article having the complete guide.

Add a Statement Chair

Avoid overdoing a corner with a few pieces of furniture when you only need one statement piece with crafty home decor. Your empty home corner can be lively again by adding a statement chair. Use an accent or a high-back chair in vibrant colours, add a rug, a side table and sufficient lighting and your beautiful home corner is ready to give a picture-perfect look.

Go Green Around the Nooks

Whether it be any space, you can never go wrong with plants. So if you have an empty corner that needs a minor uplifting, plants can make it happen for you. However, for a corner with a window, you can bring real plants as they will not block the natural sunlight and even improve the airflow in the room. And for bare wall corners, artificial planters are an excellent decor idea.

Bring Life to your Corner with Art

Leaning towards artwork for filling the void of an empty corner is also something you should prefer. Creative artwork determines your mindset and provides an energetic vibe to your space. You can choose wall art, painting, plates or anything significant in size, such as murals, Jharokhas or wall masks. Any of these artworks will create a statement wall that will get lots of compliments from your guest. However, create a balance between your innovative corner artwork gallery.

Make it more Functional

People usually think about corners as pointless ends. However, the corners can become more functional spaces than your actual space. You can enhance the functionality of your empty corners by adding a wall shelf or placing an l shaped cabinet to hold your essentials. Other than storage, you can improve the functionality of your corners by hanging utility items such as coat hangers.

Play with your Interest

We all have various interests, but some of us mostly avoid them because of the limited area in our homes. Although why do you forget the corners while talking about space? Your corners can hold all your interests and hobbies, such as if you love to read, create a reading nook in the corner; if you love to write, set up your study table in the corner. If interested in games, then place a gaming zone in the corner. Whatever your interest is, achieve it by decorating your corner space.

Add Coziness to the Space

Just like our corners were our safe space as a kid, you can still find the coziness in those corners. All you need to do is add some comfy pillows, a sofa throw, a warm blanket and a comfortable rug with your favourite seat or just bedding on the ground. Add all this, and your cozy corner is ready to comfort you on every stressful day or be your safe space again.

Dedicate it to your Pets

For your little pet babies, corners are already their favourite spot, but the perfect decor is necessary to make it an official space for your pets. Add a bed, toys, your pet’s photo on the wall, and cute wall decor, and their favourite corner is ready.

Mistakes to Avoid for a Blissful Corner Space

All these innovative corner decor ideas will give your space a glam look. However, here are some common mistakes which you should avoid for flawless corner decor. Always consider a balanced corner decor, which is neither extra nor minimal. An overboard look can make your space look distorted. The next mistake to avoid is tidiness, which requires you to maintain cleanliness around your stylish corner. And lastly, always try to curate a statement look of the corner which does not match the other decor. It will help your corner stand out from the whole space effortlessly. That’s 7 Clever and creative.