B&Q Brand Given Fresh Twist In Dizzying New Spot | The Drum

B&Q is taking viewers for a spin to illustrate how effortlessly budding DIYers can transform their homes to keep pace with the latest trends.

‘Flip’ does what it says on the tin by rotating a full-scale replica of an average suburban house through all angles for a visceral demonstration of how quickly life can change under your feet.

Launched by Uncommon with Pulse Films, the moving campaign forms part of the home improvement brand’s ‘Change. Made Easier’ campaign, which shows how simple it can be to improve your surroundings. Surfacing the scale of its 300-store network and growing home-delivery service, B&Q is positioning itself as the go-to solution for everything from a tin of paint to a fully-fitted kitchen.

Centered on an expectant mother, the 90-second film is set to the classic David Bowie track Sound and Vision and shows how B&Q comes to the rescue when your world is turned upside down. One physics-defying scramble across an upended back garden later, the proud homeowner slides down to her freshly-decorated space to welcome her new arrival.

B&Q director of marketing Chris Graham said: “Almost a third of consumers tell us that time is a key barrier for them. At B&Q, we’re on a mission to ensure that improving a home and building a life with B&Q is easy and convenient – whether via our stores, our app or online at DIY.com.”

Nils Leonard, co-founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, added: “Nobody just wakes up and decides to improve their home. Life happens, things change and your home needs to change with them. B&Q enables us to do just that with ease. This film is a powerful story of change made easy, all captured in one beautiful moment.”

A new twist on the home improvements category, the work is being shown across TV, video on demand and cinemas throughout May, with a complementary digital outdoor and print campaign coming in the next few weeks. Its arrival heralds a creative renaissance at the big box retailer, which has stated its intention to bin ‘cookie-cutter’ marketing.

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