Bradford City Council approve land development deal with KFC

During Tuesday evening’s regular Bradford City Council meeting, a land development deal was unanimously approved for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to rebrand the existing Dairy Queen at 119 W. Washington St.

The approved resolution stated that beyond the rebrand, KFC would be adding a walk-in cooler to be built on an already paved/impervious area. The subdivision also garnered the approval of the McKean County Planning Commission and the City of Bradford Planning Commission.

Additionally, three resolutions were passed, unanimously, for TV Services to demolish properties located at 62 South Kendall Ave., 115 South Ave. and 108 State St.

A resolution to appoint Kacy Houston to the Downtown Bradford Business Authority also garnished unanimous approval from the board.

During the portion of Tuesday’s council meeting when departmental reports are collected, Mayor James McDonald hailed the City of Bradford Police Department for fielding approximately 1,100 calls for service during the month of May.

“Yes, that number is accurate,” clarified Police Chief Michael Ward. “The number of calls in May jumped due to the change in weather, with summer approaching.”

During the collection of departmental reports, Public Works and Parks Director Chip Comilla noted that the Barcroft pool at Callahan Park has opened for service, however they are still currently in need of lifeguards. Comilla warned, if more lifeguards are not hired there may be interruptions in pool services throughout the summer.

Another resolution which passed unanimously Tuesday night approved the special events waiver from Mary Ann Colestro, president of Festa Italiana, to allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the portions of public land where the event will be conducted on Festival Way between Main and East Corydon streets for the dates of Aug. 11, 12 and 13.

In other news, a brief City of Bradford Board of Health Meeting was held before City Council to discuss a petition to keep five chickens at 142 East Main St., which the board approved.

The next scheduled meeting of the Bradford City Council will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28.