Digital Marketing Leader MTA360 Unveils Free, Limited-Time

Customers who sign up for the offer will gain complimentary access to these distinct, proven MTA360 technologies for a 12-month period. The AI Chat technology enables 24/7 engagement for website inquiries with instant, customized, brand-aligned scripted responses. With MTA360’s innovative chat technology, 60% of chats, on average, are converted to leads. MTA360’s Review Software links to any Google My Business profile and makes it easy for happy customers to post positive reviews, which improve search engine optimization and lead generation.

“Our fully engaged clients enjoy an average cost per lead in the $25 range, a massive savings compared with the industry average of $300,” said Jack Nagy, president of MTA360. “This leading technology works so well, especially for home improvement-related businesses, we want to share it with more organizations for a full-year free test run. These digital marketing tools are well-suited for the HVAC and other home improvement industries, which are looking for easy-to-deploy proven technologies to drive awareness, consideration, and business.”

MTA360 designs and develops highly effective SEO-ready websites from scratch using proprietary technology with no templates or themes, which can get in the way of search engine rankings. The company’s  SEO strategies are industry-specific with built-it natural backlink creation, which is a significant factor in enhancing site ranking, especially on Google. The firm uses a proprietary technology to easily drive updates across its customers’ websites and provides full-service hosting and support with quick-turn content updates.

Thousands of home improvement contractors use the AI Chat and Review Software tools to improve conversion ratios and generate new leads. The two technologies go hand-in-hand, but can be utilized independently if desired. The review software makes it easy to generate positive customer reviews, which are important to SEO and increasing website traffic. The software integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and payment/bookkeeping systems to deliver a unified customer journey. The AI Chat feature enables 24/7 customer support, allows for easy human interruption when desired, and, on average, converts 60% of chats to leads.

The MTA360 offer is available for a limited time, represents a $5,000 value and is available to all home improvement contractors.

To sign up for the free offer, click here.

About MTA360

MTA360 delivers proven digital marketing technologies that drive business. As a leading full-service digital marketing, training and advertising agency focused on the home improvement industry and related businesses, the firm was recognized by MarTech magazine as the 2021 Top Google Marketing provider for its ablity to create SEO-ready websites that rank prominently on top search engines.  The company has headquarter offices in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Tampa, Fla., and is staffed with a team of digital marketing and technology experts. The firm has thousands of clients across HVAC, plumbing, solar and roofing sectors that are reaping the benefits of the MTA360 technology and approach, deploying digital marketing technologies that work and driving an average cost per lead of $25 and as low as under $10.

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