The Historic Henderson County Courthouse on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Updates to the land development code relating to personal storage structures and temporary portable storage containers were approved Wednesday by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners, with several changes made to the original proposal from the county’s planning board.  

The commissioners first held a public hearing on the land development code updates on June 6. Commissioner David Hill requested several changes to the proposal, expressing his desire for the code to be much less restrictive. He further emphasized his position Wednesday.  

“We don’t need to be micromanaging people’s properties,” he said.  

The planning board met on June 16, and made changes to the draft amendment. Planning Board Chair Steve Dozier told commissioners that the amendments were unanimously approved by the planning board, and also kept in mind the rights of adjacent property owners.  

The final list the planning board submitted included:  

1. Any lot may have a personal storage structure. If a lot is two or more acres in size, there can be one such structure per acre.

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