Local realtor to teach at three-state conference | St.

CANTON — Local realtor Brittany L. Matott will be conducting four classes at an upcoming real estate conference.

Triple-Play 2022 in Atlantic City draws realtors from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The conference, which is held in December, draws thousands of realtors.

“All the realtors in all three states are invited and they bring in instructors from all over the country,” Ms. Matott said. “It’s like ‘educationpalooza.’ You can go to whatever classes you want to and they have tons of speakers.”

Ms. Matott has attended the conference before, but this will be her first time teaching.

She submitted three proposals for classes to the conference and the conference replied asking her to teach four.

“They are all original courses that I wrote. The titles are; ‘Can the buyer’s agent do that?’ ‘Can the seller’s agent do that?’ ‘Deeds, Survey and Land Use’ and ‘REALTOR Safety.’”

Ms. Matott became a real estate instructor in 2019, she said. She has been teaching in St. Lawrence County and across the state.

Ms. Matott has written between 12 and 15 classes over the last couple of years, she said.

Realtors are required to complete 22½ hours of education every two years, and Ms. Matott’s classes have all been approved as qualifying continuing education.

Ms. Matott earned her real estate license in 2015 and her broker’s license in 2018.

“I have always been interested in education and that component of our business,” she said.

She originally started teaching just to help out in St. Lawrence County, but she soon began going to other locations, like Plattsburgh, Syracuse and Lake Placid.

There are not a lot of instructors in the area for the number of realtors, Ms. Matott said.

“I am a strong believer in professional development,” Ms. Matott said. “I am a constant learner myself and I found that I wanted to share that.”

The Triple Play conference is an opportunity to attend lots of classes. The event usually lasts three to four days and attendees pay one price and can take as many classes as they like.

Ms. Matott said in the past they have traveled to the conference in a group and spread out to attend as many different events as possible, then share the information when they return to St. Lawrence County.

“Not everybody can take a week off in December and run down to New Jersey,” she said. “Those of us that can want to bring it back to the agents that are here to better the profession and make us all better.”

Ms. Matott is an associate broker at County Seat Realty in Canton.

“Real estate sales is still my main focus,” she said. “This is just another level of the profession that helps me give back to the other realtors and it helps me, too. When I am researching a class, I am continually learning.”

Ms. Matott is the president of the St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors. She is the Faculty Development Committee chair for the New York State Association of Realtors, and she is the Risk Management New York State Committee member for the National Association of Realtors.

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