Mike Sussman is a regular guest column feature for the Newark Advocate.

I was excited to have been invited to the banquet hosted in New Albany. I found that the menu was on the wall. The dinner would start with roast breast of commercial equipment. There was a side of buttered chopped credit cards. Dessert was chocolate covered semiconductor chips.

Since 1970 our farmland has been disappearing faster than post-election promises. The average farm has increased from just over 400 acres to 440 acres. While it is true that yields for some crops have increased so has the United States population from 205 million to 331 million. The number of farmers continues to decline. Farm votes are not regularly courted by either party.

When was the last time you heard a politician, whether national or statewide, mention the importance of agriculture? The answer, most likely, is never. We talk about the poor of this country being food insecure; however, it is possible if we keep going in our current direction, we may all be food insecure. Because of the current military action in Ukraine, wheat has become high priced and in short supply.  American farmers cannot immediately change what they are growing to feed the needs our citizens.