Richland County continues review of land development code >

Richland County Council has approved an ordinance to keep the current 2005 Land Development Code in place until a revised text and map are adopted. Council made the decision at its July 12 meeting.

The LDC regulates land use, growth and development. It governs the types of uses, location and size of a development within various zones, establishes procedures on how development proposals are reviewed, and controls standards such as landscaping, parking and signage.

County council originally adopted a comprehensive LDC text revision in November 2021, in anticipation that it would take about six months to review and approve the accompanying zoning map.

However, earlier this year, county council and the Richland County Planning Commission responded to concern from the public over proposed zoning changes and decided more time was needed to engage the public and make additional changes. They directed county planning staff to restart the LDC and zoning map amendment process.

This new ordinance effectively puts the November 2021 LDC text approval on hold until county council and the planning commission complete the process of reviewing and approving an amended zoning map and any related changes to the 2021 LDC text.

For both residents and property owners, this means any current proposal to develop a property will be processed under the rules of the 2005 LDC.

“It’s important for our citizens to know that this procedural ordinance does not change what they or their neighbor can do with their property, but rather it clarifies that the 2005 LDC already in place remains active,” said County Administrator Leonardo Brown.

Brown said efforts to address public concerns about the proposed new LDC will continue.

“Richland County is committed to reaching as many people as possible, gathering their input and communicating what is happening with the Land Development Code update,” he said. “We deeply value the input of residents, and we appreciate their engagement so far in this process.”

Updates, public notices and other information regarding the Land Development Code comprehensive update can be found online at

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