Tim Berry wins in two categories | State & Region

Tim Berry is an entire industry unto himself. A former police officer, city councilman, business owner, collegiate volleyball coach and award-winning real estate broker in Beckley, Berry seems to have touched every facet of the Raleigh County community.

Not only did he personally win “Best Real Estate Agent” for The Register-Herald Readers’ Choice Awards, but his company, Tim Berry Real Estate Company Inc., won for “Best Real Estate Brokerage” as well.

Since he first acquired his Realtor’s license in 2009, he’s helped to serve the community in which he was born and raised.

“I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1977, then I was hired by the Beckley Police Department in 1978 and retired from the department in 1993,” Berry catalogued his background before becoming a broker.

“I had actually thought about real estate since the ‘90s; it was just that my time was very limited,” Berry said. “So once I left MS (Mountain State University in Beckley), I had it on my mind to get my real estate license. I was a salesperson and at the time you had to be a salesperson for three years before you could take the broker class, which is what I did,” he commented.

“Tim Berry Real Estate was opened on Jan. 1, 2013,” Berry said. “Our number one goal here has always been quality customer service. If a client leaves the closing table with a positive impression, then down the line they may have a friend or a family member who needs real estate services. This isn’t a one and done business.”

Berry’s philosophy, he says, is largely influenced by his time in the community he has served for decades.

“All of our team members are members of the WV and National Association of Realtors. We all share the distinction that we are Realtors, not just real estate agents because we are all members of those associations,” Berry touted his team’s credentials.

When asked why he thought the readers of The Register-Herald selected his agency for the award, Berry stated that his time in the community has led to many positive relationships.

“I’ve been in this community for so long,” he said. “I went to school here, I’ve spent years in the police department, and I’ve opened businesses here.

“I just believe in good customer service; you have to take care of your clients. We follow the rules; we obey the law. Everything is above board with our strict code of ethics,” Berry asserted. “We work so well with the other real estate businesses in town. We work with agents from other companies daily and we’ve earned that mutual respect.”

Tim Berry’s personality accentuates his professionalism: a likable, charismatic, insightful and caring broker who is just as likely to end up as a friend as he is to end up across a closing table.

“The most important thing, especially at this point in our history, is for the public to know that we are out here to work for them. Our job is to serve our clients; we treat them as good as we possibly can. We appreciate them for putting their faith in us to handle one of the most important purchases in their entire life: the purchase of a home,” Berry emphasized.

Tim Berry can be reached at 304-894-8725, and his office is located at 816 Johnstown Road.