Uhlmann earns award as best contractor for seventh year | Mg

For seven years in a row, Uhlmann Home Improvement Inc. has earned the award for being the Best Home Improvements Contractor for the Southland area.

In addition, Uhlmann Home Improvement is celebrating 77 years in business.

Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen Uhlmann Home Improvement, 11636 S. Pulaski Rd., in Alsip, and the company is owned by George Uhlmann, whose late father, Kurt, founded it in 1945.

Uhlmann Home Improvement and its products are known throughout the Chicago area for high-quality workmanship. People are even more impressed with Uhlmann Home Improvement after they learn why its 77 years of experience matter when it comes to customer satisfaction.

With his vast knowledge, George provides customers with expert advice. Such is the case when it comes to windows from other companies.

“Don’t be fooled,” George said. “Most of my competitors are advertising ‘Buy 2 Windows and Get 2 Free,’ ‘Buy 2 Windows and Get One Free,’ or ‘Free Installation,’” George said. “But, please note; nothing is free. You are paying above full price!”

Uhlmann Home Improvement doesn’t have to make excuses for its windows and doors because it provides customers with quality.

“When the big-box stores started in Chicagoland, my father and I made a basic decision,” George said. “We decided it would be easier to explain price one time than it would be to apologize for quality forever. And, you’ll be very happy that we made that decision!”

Customers can always expect the best with Uhlmann Home Improvement because George fully informs customers about the products they are purchasing.

Among the popular products that Uhlmann Home Improvement provides are Climate Solutions windows, Home Guard doors and Larson storm doors.

Smart windows by Climate Solutions are made in Chicago, meaning local tax dollars stay in Illinois. These windows can handle the heat and cold better than anyone else’s due to their unique Low E/Argon gas Super Spacer, featuring no metal contact inside the glass, a U-factor as low as .24 with free self-cleaning glass, called Neat Glass. Your family will definitely save on heating and cooling bills.

Home Guard Smart steel/fiberglass entry doors feature welded storm doors, which are one of a kind, and solid-steel security storm doors that are made in Grabill, Ind.

Home Guard steel entry doors are 22-guage steel, unlike the big-box store products that are 26-guage. A lower gauge means the steel is stronger. Home Guard entry doors come with a lifetime warranty on its timber frame and an ultra-security frame to prevent break ins. The entry doors can be stained, standard painted or custom painted.

Home Guard all-steel security storm and screen doors are the strongest in the industry and come standard with three hinges and painted black or with several optional colors, all powder coated to prevent rusting.

Home Guard’s all-welded storm doors come in many styles and colors.

Aluminum awnings from Uhlmann Home Improvement are available in lots of new colors. Aluminum awnings not only block the sun but also protect a home from winter weather.

For the patio or backyard, Uhlmann offers a SunSetter retractable awning or patio cover or, better yet, a screened-in patio room. These rooms are delightful between April and November, and many customers also think the rooms are great for storing patio furniture because they’re protected from the weather.

When it comes to vinyl siding, Uhlmann advises customers to “invest in quality for a lifetime” because not all vinyl siding is the same.

CertainTeed, an industry leader for over 100 years, offers vinyl siding with a lifetime limited warranty based on its many industry firsts: RidgidForm technology for reinforced performance; PermaColor for lifetime fade protection; TrueTexture for natural woodgrain finish; and Studfinder for precision installation. Its products come in 39 colors and three styles, and they earn a 74.7-percent return on investment for vinyl siding.

Uhlmann also offers LP SmartSide trim and siding. LP SmartSide treated engineered wood siding can transform a home’s appearance with a variety of colors, textures and styles.

With cedar-grain texture and smooth finish options, LP SmartSide trim and siding stands apart from all other choices as an easy way to bring out a home’s unique charm with ageless beauty that is built to last.

Stronger than steel, TruCedar offers the look of wood and the performance of steel. TruCedar steel siding utilizes one of the strongest, most functional and sustainable materials on our planet and perfectly mimics the look of real wood siding in a designer color palette. TruCedar’s steel core provides unmatched impact resistance and doesn’t crack, melt or wick water like other sidings materials.

Like siding, gutters are vital in protecting a home, but George sees many homes that have bad gutters.

“73 percent of the gutters and downspouts are installed incorrectly,” George said. “I see homeowners with downspouts going from the rear of the home to the front by using a plastic extension; that does more harm than using the proper aluminum downspouts.

“Or, their downspouts are going into the old 30- to 45-year-old drain tile that’s probably broken. The contractor uses regular-size downspouts. Uhlmann only uses oversized downspouts for most of our jobs. We always make sure that the water runs away from the home and not back into the drain tile or underground where the water freezes in the winter.”

Uhlmann never installs downspouts into another gutter; the lower gutters can’t handle the additional water, and that causes overflow.

Gutter guards are another popular product from Uhlmann, including those from Gekko and Bulldog. George said these gutter guards make a gutter stronger and are better than the gutter guards from the big-box stores, which are plastic and don’t fit properly in the gutters. And, as George said, “When there’s a strong wind, say goodbye to the plastic gutter guards!”

Although there is no 100-percent cure for ice dams due to Chicagoland weather, gutter guards from Uhlmann Home Improvement provide the best protection.

George is proud of all the great home-improvement products he sells to local residents, but he takes equal pride in how clean his installers are when working onsite; be it a home, condo, townhouse or apartment building, Uhlmann Home Improvement remains the best home-improvement contractor for the Southland area.

For more information, contact George Uhlmann at (773) 238-1829 or [email protected].